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How are you doing? Another exciting day, another exciting book to promote! 
What do I have today, well… it is called Slideshow! A book by J.S Frankel, who was born in Canada and now lives in Japan. Jess has published almost 50 (almost because I have lost count!!) amazing books and I have a read a few of them including Catnip. He lives with his lovely wife and two children and is one of the most supporting and caring authors I found on Twitter. 

Today we are going to talk about his book Slideshow that was published by Jess in April 2022.  

A bit about the book! 

A hostile takeover is happening on Olympus that threatens humanity. Only a human sideshow archer–Irv Isserlis–and his goddess girlfriend–Artemis–can stop the conflict.More about the Author 

Jess’s novels, all for the YA set, include Twisted, Lindsay Versus the Marauders and it’s sequels, Lindsay, Jo, and the Tree of Forever, and Lindsay, Jo and the Well of Nevermore, all courtesy of Regal Crest Enterprises. He has also written the Catnip series (five novels), Mr. Taxi, The Titans of Ardana and its sequel, The Titans of Ardana 2: Battlefield, along with Picture (Im)perfect and more novels, courtesy of Future projects for Devine Destinies include the final novel in the Titans trilogy, the final novel in the Just Another Quiet… trilogy, The Undernet, the re-release of Star Maps, and more. He is also the author of The Menagerie and The Nightmare Crew trilogy, all courtesy of Finch Books.

You  can find him on Amazon and Twitter @JessSFrankel! 

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