Help Me Name My Character

Hey all,

After publishing my recent thriller – Shadow Fraction, I am back on track to work on my science fiction fantasy – Icarus. It is the third book in the Realm series and its first part (Fall of Titan) has been received a literary book award (thanks to you guys!).

I am having trouble deciding a name for one of my characters. Maybe you guys can help me!

A little description – He is a teenager who is curious about how the world works. He captures ants to study them and carries out weird experiments to full fill his curiosity. Like many teenagers, he loves games, steals money from his father, and hates school and gets thrown out classes far too many times. He hardly has any friends (except the creatures/animals he adores) and a twin sister he always fights with.

I have come up with a few names and I am unable to choose one. So, help me choose the name of this character by clicking here.

The one that gets most of the votes from everyone wins and the voting closes on the 31 of Aug 2022.

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