Hope you guys are having a good day. I have been working towards getting my book out. The before and after covers of ICARUS and I always look for covers which are relative to the book or somehow presents an aspect of the story. The Realm series is based in the 24th century where the solar system is invaded by a ruthless aliens called Orias. Titan, one of the military station which also governs the border of the system called the Perimeter. The story revolves around the group of characters who are trying to defend their realm and a girl Emmeline who is looking for a mystical device clues of which have been left by her ancestor.

ICARUS is the third part (but not the last part), of the series. The book is almost ready to go, but the first thing is to get the cover right. As usually I had to search high and low to get a good one. and I am lucky to have some good feedback from friends and family. Huh! I am sure sometimes they just might get annoyed of all my questions and trying t get it as good as possible! And here is it! The before and covers!

So what’s in this book?

Here is a little sneak peak!

Ancient doors not only reveal strange new worlds, but also awaken primeval evil.

Emmeline Augury jumps into the portal narrowly escaping from the clutches of the Imperial Command and the Orias. But the portal opens into the 21st Century. Gripped by fear that she could change the timeline, she frantically locates the second piece only to discover it has been taken by one of the most powerful men in New York. Running out of options, she forges a plan which, if successful, will protect the timeline. But if she fails, all hell will break loose. 

In the 24th century, Titan’s and Prometheus’s jump has thrown them in the path of an inferno, to a system governed by a strange and powerful Sphere. Narrowly escaping that fate, Commander Anastasia Waters figures out that the Sphere might be at the heart of the mystery of the phantom asteroids. It holds many secrets including the jump point closest to Earth. But it is home to primeval evil and boarding the Sphere might cost her more than she bargained for. 

While the crews of Titan and Prometheus try to find a jump point closer to home, Emmeline secures the artifact. But catastrophe strikes when the Orias queen unleashes her wrath, shaking Emmeline to her core and burning everything in its wake. 

Trying to reach for the impossible, are like Icarus. They might fly, but their wings might just melt.

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