Character Interviews: Realm Series: Lt Evan Weeds

Hey there, you know I have been working all this year to get the third book of the Realm. series out (Icarus). I thought why not make it a bit more spicer! So I will be posting a series of blogs where a anonymous interviewer will be interviewing a few characters of the book. Mostly these will be characters that you do not know much about and are not described in details in the books. These interviews do give a glimpse of the plot but do not give out any spoilers! So enjoy! Remember each post is a short character interview. This one is mostly based on what happens in the first few chapters of Fall of Titan. Do not forget to let me know your thoughts!

Talking with Lieutenant Evan Weeds.

The light fell on the platform and two seats appeared. Lieutenant Evan Weeds sat on a chair, swinging it side by side. On the other chair was a man no older than him. The piercing blue eyes and the plastered smile on his face had begun to annoy him. But he had to stay. He cared less about the Imperial Command’s thoughts, but Commander Anastesia Waters wanted him here and he didn’t want a black mark on his career. And who knows, it could be fun, he thought. 

“Thank you for seeing me,” said the interviewer. 

“That’s fine.” 

“Let’s get on with it, shall we? What is your post on Titan?”

“Lieutenant Evan Weeds, operations officer.” 

“So, you work on the bridge of Titan?”


“What do you think of Titan?”

“Its the finest and the most powerful space station in the system.” 

“And how long have you served on Titan?”

“Almost five years.” 

“Now, tell us about yourself.”

“I am the only child, my mother passed away when I was one and my father worked as a mechanic on a freighter. Travel was common, I didn’t have a place to call home until fifteen. I have lived on every station, you name it.” 

“That is interesting. And that way you must have made many friends…”

Evan titled his head. “Yeah, too many.” 

“That’s fantastic.” 

“No, it isn’t. They end up fighting with me.”


“I seem to offend them.” 

“How come?”

“I don’t know its their problem not mine.” 


“Hey. This is getting personal. I thought this was about Titan.”

“So, you are saying you are not a team player?”

“Of course, I am, but the team members should also play with me!” 

The interviewer appeared stunned for a moment. “I don’t think you understood my question.” 

“Doesn’t matter. Do you have anything else to ask me?” Evan said, a bit annoyed. 

The interviewer cleared his throat. “What did you think about the appearance of the mysterious signals?” 

Evan remembered that day perfectly. He was minding his own business when Titan’s signature detected something beyond their borders (the perimeter.) It was a signal. They tracked it and it turned out it was an unidentified ship. “It was the highlight of my day. But not the strange Orias ship. That was freaky”

“Do you think The Orias are hostile?” asked the Interviewer

“Hard to say. We tried to talk to them, but they didn’t reply. I think that is rude. But maybe they were unmanned ships.”

“But they scanned the perimeter. That is the surveillance system that guards our borders,” said the interviewer.  

“Yeah. That was upsetting,” said Evan not knowing where this was going and what should he do about it. He was just an operations officer and he believed in going with the flow.  

The interviewer nodded. “What do you think we should do?”

“Track the Orias ship.”

“The Imperial Command thinks that could be dangerous.” 

“That is correct. But aren’t we explorers?” 

“So, you think we should attack the Orias?” 

“No! I didn’t say. Just go and say hello and find out what they are doing in our space.” 

The interviewer shrugged his shoulders. 

Evan eyed him. “Is that all?” he asked. He didn’t see the point of this interview. In his view nothing significant had been covered. He looked into the eyes of the man in front of him and knew that he wanted something.

Do you think Anastasia Waters can handle what is coming?

Evan felt is blood boil. “She is the commander, isn’t she?”

“But things change.”

“Change is inevitable,” Evan said coldly, “But not trusting one of your most experienced commanders is stupid.”

The interviewer raised his eyebrows. “You trust her.”

“Why shouldn’t I,”

“Change is inevitable… and that might result in change in command. Would you trust your new commanding officer.”

“Trust is earned, not given,” he said Evan keeping his eyes locked at him.

The Interviewer cleared his throat. Evan got on his feet. “I believe we are done.” with that he turned and left.

The room turned dark.

End of interview. Thanks for reading! Hope you enjoyed it.

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