Realm Series: Character Interviews – Delta Dune

Hey! I hope you had a great Christmas! And the New Year is upon us. Icarus was released a few days ago and it has been a great success thanks to you!

So today, I bring you a character interview of Delta Dune. She has been a favorite of many of the readers. The pilot of the Astra, travels from station to station, taking passenger and cargos. Emmeline’s best friend and Adrian crush, she is one of a kind. today Delta Dune is due for her interview by the mysterious interviewer. No one knows his real intention, but no one wants to go against the Imperial Command. Remember – these interviews are just for fun. They give a glimpse into the plot but do not spoil it! Have fun!

Talking with Delta Dune, Astra’s pilot.

It was hard for her to understand why she had been invited here. Astra was in the dock, waiting for Delta to fly it to its next destination. But everyone had to listen to Imperial command. She wanted to keep her license and her ship. May be this was a opportunity because she had a feeling the war might affect business. She strolled into the dark room and put her hands on her waist. The light blinked on. She took a seat and crossed her legs. A whoosh echoed and the interviewer appeared. She hadn’t realise it was a projection. So where was he located. 

“Ah thanks for coming,” he said.

“Like it was a choice. I didn’t realize I would be speaking to a computer otherwise I wouldn’t have come,” she said acidly.

“I am a projection but of a real person.” 

She crocked her eyebrows clearly unimpressed. 

“How is yr mother?” 

Delta wanted to laugh. His stuck up asshole didn’t care about her family. Her mother was a supervisor of a mine on Mars. She worked day and night, not for the money but for the passion. If Commander Anastasia Waters or Adrian would have asked about her mothers health, she would have know it was a genuine question. They cared for her. Emmeline always told her mom should quiet because long-term mining could impact her health. But her mother wanted to be there. The red rocks of Mars had become a part of her. “She is well. How is yrs?” 

“She is good.” 

“Where is she?” asked Delta.  

“Ah I am not alooed to share personal information,” replied the interviewer.  

“But you’re allowed to ask?” Delta said.

The man shifted in his seat. His mouth twisted. “So how is flying from station to station going?”

“It’s fine.” 

The interviewer checked his notes, “Your customers seem very happy.”

“I am very good at my job.”

“And Titan is your main source of employment. You recently made an emergency drop. It was a drill to a mining colony.”

“It’s was a job and I did it,” she said settling back in her chair.

“And your friends with Emmeline Aubury.” 

“I am friends with many people.” 

“Yes. But you are close to her. And Lieutenant Adrian Olson,” he said eying her.  

She didn’t flinch. Hiding emotions was her game. “Yes we are friends.” 

“What do you think about Emmeline theory of the mythical device?” 

Delta smirked. Now she knew why she was here. “She is day dreamer. A story teller. But she is a cadet of astrophysics, of course she is going to have theories. Isn’t that what all scientist do?”” 

“But this is not science.”

“Look I am not an expert, but science can’t explain everything.”

“So you believe her.” 

“It’s doesn’t matter what I believe,” said Delta.  

“We are…”  

“We?” Delta asked interrupting him.  

The interviewer cleared his throat, “I meant I was curious to know. Has she shared any of her theories with you.?” 

Delta knew everything. But she wasn’t going to tell this moron. “No. I think unless she is sure about something she doesn’t tell me. But most of the time her head is in the clouds.”

“What do you think about the Orias?” asked the interviewer changing the subject.

Delta huffed. “Surely the Imperial Command is not interested in my view of the situation.”

“But you are not ordinary. You are contacted frequently by everyone on Titan. Including Anastasia Waters”

“For jobs,”

“Yes. They trust you,” said the interviewer.

She nodded. “That was true. Well the Orias are interesting but they should have stayed in their realm.” 

“What if they are explorers?” asked the interviewer.  

“We are explorers and we do not intentionally ignore communications. Nor do we breached the perimeter of an unknown world.” 

“I see,” said the interviewer looking uncertain.  

“It’s just not me. Many people think we should strengthen our forces. A war might be inevitable.” 

He nodded. “We will try and prevent it.”

Now she was curious. “How?” 

“What we do best – diplomacy.” 

She leaned forward. she didn’t care about this moron sitting on some maroon island on Earth or hidden in an office on Mars. Titan was in the line of fire. Adrian, Argon Anastasia and most of all Emmeline might get hurt. Hell they might be killed if these morons failed. “What if diplomacy doesn’t work?” 

“It will work,” said the man confidently.

She peered into his eyes and his concern filled his features. “You know what they say – taking nothing for granted, not even your own life.” 

End of interview. Thanks for reading! Hope you enjoyed it.

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