Help Me Name My Character

Hey all, After publishing my recent thriller – Shadow Fraction, I am back on track to work on my science fiction fantasy – Icarus. It is the third book in the Realm series and its first part (Fall of Titan) has been received a literary book award (thanks to you guys!). I am having troubleContinue reading “Help Me Name My Character”


You are not alone

Hey all, Hope you having a amazing weekend and Happy Easter! I wish you well and please stay safe, eat healthy and stay at home. We all can and will get through this. I just wanted to let you know, you are not alone. We are all in this together and the best thing we can doContinue reading “You are not alone”

Three deaths, an invisible weapon and a deadly plot. Welcome to the world of Haunted.

After four years of hard work, I have published my book! Yippee! Here is the extended version of the blurb which you will not find elsewhere! Roumoult Cranston’s life is never boring. He either invites trouble, or it finds him. This time his best friend Dr. William Sterling is at the heart of investigating three suicidesContinue reading “Three deaths, an invisible weapon and a deadly plot. Welcome to the world of Haunted.”

Quest to publish Haunted -Audio excerpts.

Hello all, Hope you are having a great day! I am super excited to present to you an audio excerpt from my upcoming book. Have a listen and please if you love it, share it! Here is more about the book. Haunted is a #mystery #thriller set in the 21st century about a vicious crafty killer who hauntsContinue reading “Quest to publish Haunted -Audio excerpts.”

The best of 21st Century: Social media loves your art

QUEST TO PUBLISH HAUNTED – Hello all, Art is something personal, something you have imagined and you manifest it from your imagination into something physical like a picture, a tool, a machine, a book or a painting. We like in the wonderful world of social media which is the best communication platform that youContinue reading “The best of 21st Century: Social media loves your art”