Reviews & Thoughts: Lost (Book 2 Idyllic Series)

Caged, the first book in the series had left me wanting more and the second book delivers brilliantly. On the run after killing Null, Eden and Linux find themselves in unknown world – green, beautiful and savage. Hungry and looking for shelter they stumble upon a secret human colony. Unfortunately for them the artificial’s andContinue reading “Reviews & Thoughts: Lost (Book 2 Idyllic Series)”

You do not need a perfect body… you just need a healthy one!

Here I want to share what I got out of a recent book. As a writer I love to read and its my privilege to share my thoughts and recommend them to you.  Recently I finished reading Michelle Bridges book “Make it Happen“   Wow.. The book jumps starts with honest picture of her journey.Continue reading “You do not need a perfect body… you just need a healthy one!”