Authors, stop overthinking and start writing!

Do you overthink?

Do Authors overthink? Yes. We do it all the time. Sometimes most of our time is spent thinking about a particular location, character, scene, or dialogue. Perhaps the most trivial thing, like a color of the car. One has to think, does the reader even care? Others spend hours and hours…and even months or years… thinking ‘if it’s a good idea to write the story!” or “if it is a good idea to kill this character or disable him!” Should the heroine wear a pink or blue dress? While most authors get stuck in analysis paralysis, thinking “oh my goodness there are still errors in my book! I have to re-edit it again! Its 300 pages long… I am doomed!”

Trust me when an author is in the final stages of the novel, he or she wants to give the best and well just keeps on editing, thinking, and changing things over and over. While this is great, if not managed well, it can turn into a slog! For instance, the author might decide to describe a way to throw someone of a bridge; you can imagine that there are many ways this can be done. So which is the best way? Well, the truth is there is no best way! It’s what fits the context of the scene and excites the writer and the reader! Again, here’s the twist. Recently, it has dawned on me that this concept is really very subjective. While one reader might love the scene, the other might hate it. So, should the writers overthink? No. Fix it but do not overthink it because you never know what will happen. In my perspective, overthinking damages the creativity and can lead to wasting authors time and delaying completion of the novel.

So stop overthinking, and just write.


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